Residential Roof Replacement In Hickory, NC

Hickory NC

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At Roof Worx, we take pride in our ability to tackle even the most challenging roofing projects. Recently, we completed a comprehensive roof replacement on a beautiful lake home at Lake Hickory. This property, known for its high elevation and steep pitches, had suffered extensive wind and hail damage.

Our experienced team specializes in steep roofs and the unique challenges they present, particularly in locations like Lake Hickory with its rugged, steep lots. We meticulously removed the damaged roofing materials and replaced them with high-quality, durable alternatives designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions the area frequently experiences.

Throughout the project, we maintained the highest standards of safety and craftsmanship, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. The new roof not only restored the home’s structural integrity but also enhanced its aesthetic appeal, providing the homeowners with peace of mind and a significant boost in property value.

Trust Roof Worx for all your roofing needs, especially when it comes to handling steep and complex roofs with the expertise and dedication you deserve.

Property Address: 5136 Hanging Rock Court, Hickory, NC 28601